Welcome to the website of Douggie the Wood

Based in the stunning city of York we take our inspiration for our furniture from the wealth of historical and archaeological remains which surround us.
Douggie started making furniture at an early age producing stunning and precise chippendale-style furniture but is now regressing in style and technique to make historically
accurate replicas using basic tools.

All our furniture is handmade in our own workshop using traditional techniques and
seasoned locally sourced timbers.
We fully research our pieces to ensure that they confirm to the style and period in question
and the metalwork is sourced from traditional blacksmiths.

The furniture you will see on this website is mainly 15th century (our favourite period)
but we can research and make anything you desire.
If there is something you’ve seen in a book you have an idea for a piece then contact us
and we will craft it for you.

As an added bonus we endeavour to make the majority of our furniture ‘flat pack’.
If you take a careful look at the three legged stools, tables benches and beds, you’ll see
that with the removal of a single peg they can be knocked down at the end of your event
and transported flat in your car/van, indeed wherever practical they will come in there
own period bag !

So whether its a simple stool for re-enactment or a large piece for home please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and give you a quote.